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Realogy Holdings Corp. (pronounced "rēl′ ə jē", as in "real" estate) is an American publicly owned real estate and relocation services company. It owns and franchises several real estate brands and brokerages, and offers relocation, title and settlement services.

A former employee shared thier experiences in a blog post, "Senior leadership constantly mentioning how many times votes "one of the most ethical companies" that's a joke. look at yourselves, you are not even close. hiring friends at high salaries, reducing the work staff and denying it when questioned at Town Hall meetings, and out sourcing the work to different states. This Company took money from the state of NJ to keep the Company and jobs in NJ only to turn around and send work to different states and out to islands like St. Lucia and Barbados putting a lot of people that we worked with out of jobs. They don't care about the employees who were loyal to the Company giving more than 100% putting family life at jeopardy to be sure the job got done. Forcing employees to do the employee survey - news flash - we know these surveys are not anonymous. so when forced to take them we lie to keep our jobs!!!! People not taking the survey should speak volumes without forcing us to take the survey. Start looking and get out fast - I did."


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